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Can’t fall asleep? Or stay asleep? Rest easier with Circadin®

Melatonin is a natural hormone that controls your circadian rhythm (your 24-hour body clock). As you age, your melatonin levels are depleted, making it harder to go to sleep – and stay asleep1,2. This is completely normal, but daily lack of sleep (insomnia) can result in tiredness, irritability and may affect your ability to function during the day.

Circadin® is an insomnia treatment, from your doctor, available in New Zealand, which gradually releases melatonin during the night, helping to restore your natural sleep rhythm, resulting in a deep, natural sleep and improved next-day performance too3,4.

Sleep Diary

A sleep diary is a daily log that can be used to record the length and quality of your sleep. Keeping a diary can help you and your doctor learn more about your sleep patterns and uncover ways to improve your sleep.

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